What Currencies Does Greenfield support?

The application needs translation support but can handle currencies from these areas. That means you can set up a business any of these countries and start accepting payments on Greenfield, all you need is a Stripe account

United States United States
United States United Kingdom
United States New Zealand
United States Canada
United States Ireland
United States Netherlands *
United States Germany *
United States France *
United States Brazil *
United States India *
United States Hong Kong *

What is Greenfield

Greenfield is an Open Source Java/Groovy eCommerce application focused on easy setup. Greenfield leverages the best in breeds for the Java echo-system including Groovy, Grails, Spring, Hibernate, Gradle.

Greenfield Features

Multi Currency

Greenfield currently supports currencies and your business outside of the United States including United Kindom, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France, Brazil & India.

Simple HTML Based Layout Engine

No need to learn another markup language. Greenfield serves up dynamic content via custom tags within simple html & css.

Multiple Product Images

Products within Greenfield may have multiple images associated without limit.

Realtime Shipping Calculation

Greenfield leverages EasyPost for realtime shipping calculation and shipping labels

Accept Credit Cards

You can start accepting credit cards within minutes via Stripe payment processing.

Products with Multiple Variations

Products within Greenfield may have multiple variations, each with a specific price adjustment and image.

Import Products

Greenfield allows for batch product creation via csv import.

Print Shipping Labels

Purchase shipping labels via EasyPost for Orders placed within Greenfield.

Open Source

Free to use, free to try. We are here to help get you started. Plus, no business operates like the next, why force your business processes into a pre-packaged solution. Greenfield is meant to be modified. Download & modify to fit your needs.

Get Started

Want to check Greenfield out, run it in development mode

  1. Install Grails 3.3.4 or higher
  2. Install Java JDK 1.8 or higher
  3. Install Git
  4. Clone the repository, git clone https://github.com/opengreenfield/greenfield.git
  5. Cd into project directory and run grails run-app
  6. Browse to http://localhost:8080/greenfield/admin
  7. Username: admin, password: admin
  8. See it with mock data, uncomment createDevelopmentData() in grails-app/init/BootStrap.groovy before running it

Additional Requirments

Regardless if you are a developer or a tech savvy business owner, in order to run Greenfield and start accepting orders, you will need to have the following

  1. Stripe Account with Bank account activated
  2. Stripe api keys saved in Greenfield Stripe settings area
  3. Email Settings properly configured. Recommend Mandrill for Email Services
  4. Optional : EasyPost account, with api keys configured in Greenfield.

Greenfield Support

Feel free to send an email to croteau.mike@gmail.com with any questions, comments or feedback. Thanks for giving Greenfield a spin.