Create Vultr VPS Instance Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will walk through steps required to create a VPS Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Instance. The process is so simple that it probably doesn't require a tutorial. If anything, this will demonstrate just how easy Vultr and others have made it to set up a virtual private server environment

1. Login, Click Deploy New Instance

Create an account, login and you will be greeted with the following screen. Click Deploy New Instance to begin VPS instance setup

2. Select Server Type

First step is to select server type. At the time of this tutorial, there are 3 options available. Performance series offers many locations to choose from.

3. Select Location

Recommended to select location nearest to you

4. Select Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04 x64

5. Select Server Size

6. Name Instance and Place Order

Server Setup Complete

Not a lot to it. If you are following this to install Greenfield, you can now complete your server setup by reading Minimum Server Setup